Validated Field Add-On

The Validated Field add-on for Advanced Custom Fields
provides a wrapper for other input types which allows you to provide client side input masking using the jQuery
Masked Input Plugin, server side validation using either PHP regular expressions
or PHP code, the option of ensuring a field’s uniqueness for all posts by post_type and meta_key, post_type, or site wide, or a
single post by meta_key, as well as marking a field as read-only. Edit your fields in the ACF Field Group editor and update code using the ACE.js
IDE with autocomplete and syntax validation.


  1. Input Masking – easily set masks on text inputs to ensure data is properly formatted.
  2. Server-Side Validation – validate the inputs using server side PHP code or regular expressions.
  3. Uniqueness – ensure that the value being updated is not already in use.
  4. Repeater Fields – validated fields within a Repeater Field.
  5. Read Only – specify a field as read-only allowing it to be displayed but not updated.
  6. WordPress Multi Language – compatible with multilingual sites using the WPML plugin.
  7. Conditional Logic – show and hide validated fields based on the values of other “switch” fields.


Requires Advanced Custom Fields version 4.0 or greater.

Current Version: 1.7.7
Requires: 3.0
Tested to: 4.3.34
Downloads: 17,701
Last updated: 2015-08-19 3:59pm GMT